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Socially-savvy Styling adds a whole lot of Benefit to your events...

Date: 7 – 12 September 2017
Guests: Max 30 guests at a time 1000’s went through the space over the period
Location: Myer, Sydney City


Let’s get to know the Client and their Event…

Benefit is a global beauty brand that is all about fun – their mantra, “laughter is the best cosmetic”.

They are also strong believers that all gals (and guys) deserve a great pair of arches, and during the 2017 Vouge Fashion Night Out (VFNO) planned to host a pop-up Benefit BROWbar.

In addition to accommodating the general public attending VFNO (will people know what VFNO means), the pop-up BROWbar was also to host several mini events including an influencer party, media event, and meetups with YouTube beauty stars, Chloe Morello and PatrickStarrr.

The event space included the BROWbar, a cocktail bar, Zumbo pop-up and a space to mingle. 


So, what did they want from This Space?

For this event, This Space was engaged purely for styling and décor – a service we provide for many clients (we’re not just end-to-end event aficionados).

The objective was to make the Benefit BROWbar THE place to be. The space had to be on brand, be fun and functional – there was only limited space to make a big impression.

Benefit has its roots in the 1970’s, so they wanted some style influence from that decade. The small space [able to accommodate 30 guests at a squeeze] had to ensure form and function were paramount and that from every angle the space looked Insta-worthy. This included ensuring elements such as a pop-up bar, entry feature and functional furniture for people to linger in a while, looked amazing from every angle. In addition, they wanted to provide a specific photo opportunity that encourage visitors to share their experience with Benefit on social media. 


Why This Space got the gig…

We’ve done quite a few jobs for Benefit and they love working with This Space because we design and deliver beyond their expectations– on brand, along with fun, hashtag-worthy backdrops.

While they have specific branding requirements, they don’t like their events to look exactly the same. Our team knows exactly how to design creative spaces that scream “selfie” and make people snap – hashtag – share. 


Let’s take a look at what we delivered - the highlights reel…

The photo op
We created a backdrop that reflected the mirror balls we used in the entry feature. This included a silver reflective backdrop with a massive pink unicorn and a neon sign reading:

“I’d rather be late than on time with bad brows”


This Space Allow us to relax knowing the project is under control and will express our  brand in a premium and dynamic way.

Phoebe Simmonds
Marketing Manager


What little challenges did we face along the way…

Relocation of space
A few weeks out from the event, we learnt that the original space allocated by Myer was no longer available. The new space was within the Lingerie section of the department store… right next to a style of underwear which didn’t exactly match the Benefit brand. The undergarments couldn’t be moved, so we had to create a screen that blocked it from view whilst in the Benefit space and that also looked presentable from the other side. It was a flawless cover up!

There’s always a pillar!
Like blisters on your heels on event day, event planners loath a pillar in their event space. But just like a blister, the best solution is to wrap that eye-sore and move on


And, the results WEre…

Check out the email Phoebe Simmonds sent to all suppliers involved following the first night…

“I’d like to thank you so much for your support and energies last night to make the first official Benefit BrowBar for VAEFNO happen. The space looked beautiful and the atmosphere was buzzing. The styling stations, photobooth and Zumbo brownies were particularly big hits… premium, fun, on brand and on trend the whole way. Our objective was to make Benefit THE place to be, and because of you all we delivered, so thank you.”


Final note…

We love working with brands to ensure their events – big or small – get reach far beyond the guests that are present on the day. Styling a space so it looks good is one thing but going the extra mile to create specific photo opportunities that are fun and on brand is really what makes your decor decisions a success.