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Clubs NSW

Date: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 2018 now 2019
Guests: 1400+
Location: Sydney


Let’s get to know the Client and their Event…

ClubsNSW is the governing body for more than 1200 member clubs in the state. The Association’s purpose is to lead a sustainable industry that makes a growing contribution to the NSW community, seeks to strengthen conditions for those working within the industry, and to support the local communities they serve.

Back in 2015 ClubsNSW hosted two major events - an annual conference on the Gold Coast and a Gala Awards Night Royal Hall of Industries, Sydney.

The events were managed internally and had not changed in structure for about 20 years. Attendance had been dropping year on year and it was time for a reinvigoration.  


So, what did they want from This Space?

Initially, ClubsNSW were looking for an Event Management company to help manage and reinvigorate their Annual Gala Awards Night. The event attracted around 1,100 guests with over 25 awards given – it was the Logies for the Clubs industry.

When we reviewed this brief, we realised that strategically ClubsNSW should be using their two large annual events to grow the membership and attendance at the events, while cementing the relevance of ClubsNSW within the industry.


Why This Space got the gig…

We got this gig because rather than simply turn up and showcase our superior event management skills, production prowess and that we’re stage management savvy, in addition we took the time to research the client and how this one event fitted in to their overall marketing, membership and event strategy. We wanted to show how This Space could help them meet their ROI now and into the future.

When we pitched to manage the Annual Gala Awards Night, we proposed a strategy that would reinvigorate the Awards program and suggested they consider moving the conference from the Gold Coast to Sydney. Our long-term vision was to combine the Awards and the Conference to help grow attendance and strengthen the overall purpose and results of the events.  

Four years on, we are well and truly a strategic event partner for ClubsNSW.


Let’s take a look at what we delivered…

201 – 201
This Space were engaged for end-to-end management of the Awards Night for three years. We were responsible for everything except the award submissions themselves, which were managed by ClubsNSW and a judging panel.

We proposed a new awards structure that would reduce the awards from a whopping 25 to 12. The 12 awards would allow members to celebrate their achievements and better reflect what was relevant in the industry – e.g. Environment & Sustainability, Community, and Emergency Services.

We negotiated a three-year contract with Royal Hall of Industries for the Awards Night, knowing that in 2017, ClubsNSW were prepared to move the conference to Sydney to be combined with the Awards

We designed a new theme each year for the Awards program which was integrated throughout the event – from invitation design, registration, digital content during the awards and styling of the event space.

For the first year the theme was “Clubs are the seed in the community that helps it grow”. We used an oak tree as the visual representation of this theme. The event commenced with a visual display of seeds being blown across the 30m stage screen. As the night progressed the seed turned into a seedling which grew throughout the presentations up until the final award when it was displayed as an iconic oak tree cemented into the landscape.

This Space took on the management of the Conference and Gala Awards Night in 2017. We were instrumental in helping ClubsNSW integrate the two events and transition the conference from the Gold Coast to Sydney.

We now support ClubsNSW in the 3-day conference program at ICC Sydney, which includes a Welcome Event, the Annual Gala Awards Night and a 3-day conference program.


We cannot fault their professionalism and enjoy working with them year on year to create an award-winning conference and gala awards for the clubs industry. Every guest walks away with a winning experience.

Anne Fitzgerald
Executive Manager Member Services and Marketing


What little challenges did we face along the way…

Changing perceptions
Sure, going to the Gold Coast is fun, but why are NSW members congregating in QLD?! We knew it was important for the conference and the awards to be held in NSW.

Prior to taking on the management of the conference in 2017, two of our team attended the 2016 conference on the Gold Coast as invited guests to get a first-hand experience of how the event was run. Following the conference, we conducted interviews with 35 key directors. We then wrote a comprehensive strategic report that not only audited the event but proposed key changes to be implemented.  

We also highlighted what challenges they would face in terms of registration for the events following the move. We proposed a plan to mitigate an expected drop off in year one and ensure the event bounced back by year two following the move.


And, the results…

We were delighted that ClubsNSW took on all our recommendations following our strategic review. The drop-off in registrations was only 100 guests in 2017. In 2018 they expect the highest attendance at the events to date.

For us, at This Space, working with ClubsNSW is a long-term partnership. We saw the potential that their two annual events could have on their membership and we are delighted they have gone with our vision, been brave to make a change and let us help shape their events and marketing strategy.