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A Media Launch Befitting the global Creative Powerhouse - tumblr ...

Date: 2016
Guests: 400+
Location: cell block theatre, Sydney


Let’s get to know the Client and their Event…

Yahoo7 has been a client of This Space for 6 years. When the founder of Tumblr visited Sydney for the first time and enjoyed the warm Australian hospitality , the breath taking views of Sydney harbour and the excitement  from creative industry around Tumblr he made a decision to move the launch from the US to Sydney with three weeks lead time. 

So, what did they want from their Event Management Company?

The CEO wanted one objective to be achieved to ensure that Tumblr content and it’s creators were celebrated in a way that Tumblr content would come to life. An event where guests (being hosted media) would understand the Tumblr platform and how it allows creatives to truly celebrate their talent. No sales pitches here it was to be fun, engaging and only capture a 10 minute keynote from the founder on Tumblr the next generation being Tumblr Marketing. 


Let’s take a look at what we delivered - the highlights reel…

With only three weeks to deliver an event that would impress 450 hosted media and journalists the creative development needed to be visual story telling at its best. A design where Tumblr content would jump from screen to experience immersing the guests from arrival to inspire them for their media stories. A four hour event that captured the audience and made them want to remain for the duration.

Key deliverables included;

•Creative Direction

•Digital Design

•Technically advanced audio visual requirements including but not limited showcasing live Tumblr content on 13 different screens and one 8m curved screen.

•Designing a menu that tied back to the Tumblr brand

•Audience being media it was important to show them something they hadn’t seen before so we created Tumblr experiences taking Tumblr content that inspired us and creating into a physical experience through food and beverage.

To deliver a Global Party that would be shared Globally!


it is still hailed to this day as the best digital launch in the industry.

Elika tamaddoni
Head of Trade Marketing yahoo7


Event Delivery

With a short 5hr window for bump in and a Yahoo7 intern who mistakingly deleted our clients Tumblr content 30 minutes before doors (yes! this did happen, and due to Tumblr’s privacy policies no files could be provided to This Space until event delivery) there were challenges that needed navigating with quick solutions all of which This Space provided and commended by the team at Yahoo7 for our quick thinking. Our solution to the deleted content was to re-path all 13 screens to individual laptops each on their own dedicated WIFI dongles and streamlive to screen native Tumblr content as it was posted on the creative site. So once this solution was in place and 5 minutes to doors remained we were ready for the event to begin!

On guest arrival the landmark location of National Art School with amazing sandstone buildings were projected with giant animated Tumblr logos. Guests arrived to registration and proceeded to the outdoor experience. Unique food and beverage installation such as the sip and suck stations of giant oversized straws into a bath of saki and then shots of oysters were enjoyed passionately by guests.Floating trays of salt and vinegar chips were served to guests that comprised of giant plate sized potato chips that they dipped into vinegar foam.

Taco Taxi Station where a table with roller skates for feet was rolled around guests with a waiter dressed as a NYC taxi driver where guests built there own tacos

Once all guests had arrived and enjoyed the catering the doors of the cell block theatre flung open and guests cascaded through into cell block theatre. A giant tumblr inspired lounge and seating throughout the space focussed guests attention to the expansive 15m walls where 13 screens of native tumblr content was moving digital content around them.

CEO 10 minute presentation rivalled that of Apple and guests were inspired to what Tumblr would do next. Duelling DJs on stage set to Tumblr content kept guests entertainment whilst dessert canapes of Cherros Umbrellas were served through the crowd and glow in the dark fairy floss added a child like element.

The event was supposed to conclude at 10pm however the guests simply would not leave and the CEO approached us to see if an extension till midnight could be achieved.

Our solution…

We explained with Australian laws we must serve food with beverages and as the catering is bought on site and was to be concluded at 10pm we thought of a solution with our amazing  caterer. Whilst they contacted their warehouse to get another delivery of much needed alcohol we quickly created a pretzel and popcorn bar with elements again that could be quickly heated and provided to guests allowing us to extend the event till midnight.

And, the results were…  

This Space were instrumental in creating a thought provoking brand launch of Tumblr. The This Space team are a delight to work with, inspiring, innovative and always on track. They have become part of our team. Producing the global launch of Tumblr, they managed our digital content and intellectual IP whilst creating high end impact design made our digital content the hero. The team designed and engaged our audience in the space was nothing short of magic. It is still hailed to this day as the best digital launch in the industry.

Elika Tamaddoni

Head of Trade Marketing Yahoo7

Final note…

With three weeks lead time and some firefighting of deleted content we produced an event that featured in over 200 outlets across the globe. Yahoo7 was so proud they could showcase to the CEO of Tumblr just what Australia can produce and we were honoured to be charged with such an important global event.