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Senior Event Manager

Bree maike 

A negotiating dynamo, with the attention to detail of MI5, Bree really does leave no stone unturned. With 10 exciting years in the events and hospitality industry taking her to far flung places. Her passion is to find those hidden gems, the unique and undiscovered, the wild and extraordinary and deliver events that leave all audiences speechless. Her ability to prioritise amidst highly complex events, all while ensuring you’ll remain instrumental on the journey see’s Bree producing for our global accounts.


Bree Maike

The triple threat - Travelling, Food and Wine. Bree is the go to on any escape, anywhere. She will turn a day trip to a glue factory into an epic adventure. Her fur babies Chi Chi and Blossom are never far from the planning and her market stall food safari wedding planned for later this year incorporates all Bree’s loves – including fiancé Kennan.