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Managing Director

Julia Barnard

Fifteen years ago Julia set out on a journey to develop an elite agency in which innovation, creativity and collaboration could collide. With strong vision, and values to match, she founded This Space - where clients like you can enjoy an instrumental role in the creative process, and all facets of the events industry can be skillfully managed under one roof. "No two days are ever the same - and I’m thankful for that."


Beach Lover


Jules has so many passions and so much love - but most enjoys simple immersive experiences like exploring off the beaten track, family, friends and all things green (we started with our offices, it’s a jungle in there)! She feels happiest when draped in an amazing statement necklace, and loves the letter B, see; the office dog Mr Biggins, her cat Bertie, her husband Barry, the Bridge Rd location and the Barnard family name!