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Business development executive

shanae heywood

Vivacious, committed and passionate about events, Shanae has an energy that people just want to be around. She has an incredible knack of connecting all the dots at the intersection of a clients needs, their brand and events. An ability to listen so carefully to the unspoken word, Shanae continuously adds value, insight and humour to everything she undertakes. Her ability to help you translate the outcomes you need into a clear strategy has seen Shanae develop long standing relationships built solidly on trust.



SKI, RUN, SKI! More of an obsession then a passion, a skiing aficionado, brings all of Shanae’s loves together. Her boyfriend, family and friends, travelling, amazing scenery and a kick of adrenaline and mulled wine. We have to note the running, as Shanae has trained hard for her first half marathon, where she will be cheered on by her colleagues all the way to the finish line.