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SMH watches magazine launch lunch series sydney 2018 and melbourne 2018

Date: June 2018
Guests: 50
Location: argyle sydney and melbourne supper club


Let’s get to know the Client and their Event…

A close working relationship for the past 3 years with Fairfax media and This Space being the go to agency for Fairfax for all their events. The client was launching to key watches brand a new premium magazine style supplement. A hosted lunch for premium watch brands to understand the potential advertising opportunities and the structure that would be the magazine supplement.

So, what did the client want from their Event Management Company…

To find two central locations for Sydney and Melbourne that created the feeling of history and could be styled simply to create a sense of luxury that was understated.

To work with a caterer on a refined menu that would ensure guests would remain focussed on the presentation whilst enjoying lunch.Duration of event needed to cover 3 courses within a 1.5hr period with presentation as the focus.

This Space managed all contract negotiations, sponsor requirements, guest registrations, audio visual delivery and event management.


Let’s take a look at what we delivered

100% attendance of invited guests Premium watch brands ambassadors attendance

Bespoke styling Premium event delivery


the venue selection was on point and the styling bespoke and elegant.

angelina andry
events and marketing executive fairfax


And, the results were…  

This Space provided yet another beautiful event that was on brand and left guests with a sense of how their brand will be associated with a premium product. The venue selection was on point and the styling bespoke and elegant.

Angelina Andry

Events and Marketing Executive


Final note…

At This Space we enjoy creating events with detail for selected audiences where we can focus our attention of the finer details and create memorable event experiences.